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June 30, 2016




The National Snipping Board is the highest Advisory 8ody on matters related to Indian Shipping including the development there of and on such other matters arising out of the Merchant Shipping Act as the Central Government may refer to it for advice. The establishment of such a Body was recommended by the Reconstruction Policy Sub-Committee as early as 1947. The Ship owners too had urged the formation of such a Body. Accordingly in 1958 when the Merchant Shipping Law was revised and consolidated, the opportunity was taken to provide for the formation of a Permanent statutory body called the National Shipping Board. The National Shipping Board was established on 1st March, 1959. (You can know more about the National Shipping Board at http://nsb.nic.ini. The National Shipping Board intends to invite designs for a Logo. The last date of submission is 11th Jury 2016. The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-. Technical Parameters
•     The participant should design the logo as a file in JPG or PNG format and submit In CD with a hard copy pnnted on a good quality paper.
•     The winner of the competition shall also be required to submit the design in an editable and open file format.
•     Please do not imprint or watermark your logo design.
•     Please note that the logo design must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copynght Act. 1957.
•     Logo should preferably be designed in colour.
•     Please bear in mind that for actual utilization of the winning logo, the size may vary from 3 cms X 3 cms to 75 X 75 cms. While designing this aspect should be kept in mind.
•     Entry must be submitted to Shri Mahesh Yadav, Assistant Director General of Shipping (NSB), Directorate General of Shipping, 9th Floor Beta Building, i-Think Techno Campus, Kan)urmarg (East), Mumbai • 400042 (India ).
•     Make sure your address for communication and contact number is accurate and updated as we will use this information for further communication. Entries by those with incomplete details would be rejected.
Evaluation Criteria
•     The Competition is open to all Indian Citizens residing within and outside India.
•     Evaluation would be done on the basis of popularity and factors outlined in para 3 below by a selection committee.
•     Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit and visual impact and how well they represent the National Shipping Board.
•     The logo designed by the winner will be the intellectual property of the Government of India and the designer cannot exercise any right over it. The pnze winning logo is meant to be used by Government of India for promotional and display purposes, Effective Information. Education and Communication (IEC) material and also for any other use as may be deemed appropriate for the National Shipping Board.
•     The participant must be the same person who has designed the logo and plagiarism would not be allowed.
•     All the entries received by the Department will be placed in front of a Selection Committee for final selection,
•     The decision of the Selection Committee will be final and binding on all the contestants.
•     The disqualified entries shall not be used by the Department for any purpose and the Department shall have no intellectual rights over the same.
Any legal proceedings arising out of the competition/its entries/ winners shall be subject to local jurisdiction of Mumbai Court.


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